Our Team

We are a group of high school youth sharing our knowledge and time with the children who are most in need, to become a friendly and free helping hand on the road to non-formal academic training.


Co-founder of Tu Tutor Gratis. This young innovator, with a great vocation of service to others, with a passion for mathematics, music and tennis, who dreams of an inclusive and equitable world.


He is the co-founder of Tu Tutor Gratis. Apart from this, he is passionate about helping others and works hard to create a better and inclusive world always with the help of God, friends and family. He also likes sports, especially soccer, entrepreneurship, participating in debates and in the UN models, always seeking to contribute his bit for a better world. He brings new tutors to the Tu Tutor Gratis team.


She is always willing to help and give her honest opinion. She is also passionate about sharing her knowledge as well as spending time with family and friends. Her job is to contact foundations and speak with parents.


Committed to generating change through education and contributing creatively. Passionate about basketball and sharing time with others. Contribute to Tu Tutor Gratis by managing social networks.


Passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and thus being able to help those who joined the mentoring program. Besides enjoying activities
sports, artistic and social. In Tu Tutor Gratis she is in charge of keeping the number of tutors and students organized and balanced.


At just 13 years old, he became a tutor for free to do the job he likes the most: helping others, giving back and teaching what he has learned throughout his short life. With her public relations work, she will try and succeed in making this foundation the best of all in order to help as many children as possible around Colombia and the world for a better future. What she likes to do the most is play basketball.


Soccer and cycling fan. He is also a good mathematician. He is a person committed to helping others. His role within the team is to be the bridge between tutors and students to improve more and more.